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Get to Know the Jazzy Soul of Songstress Chandra Currelley

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Chandra Currelley Breaks Out in Tyler Perry's "For Better or Worse" on OWN TV with Expanded Role and

2014 Lady Soul of Jazz Award

Chandra will be Honored May 2, 2014 @ the Ralto Theater, Atlanta, Ga.



Shakin' The Rafters Review


Shakin' the Rafters Reviews


Chandra Currelley holds the show together in a mesmerizing performance as the older sister Della Mae, who only wants to overcome poverty of her childhood. She sums up her motivations when she sings "Good Enough for Mama", but not good enough for me". in "Passed Over", in every aspect of the character and movements on stage show the weariness and subtle hope of the character. Kenny Norton (Atlanta Theatre Fans Reviews).


Rule number one of Atlanta Musical Theatre: The addition of Chandra Currelley to any production automatically elevates it to "must see" status. She is one of the most reliably charismatic singers and performers around and she's the star of the new "Shakin the Rafters", being staged by Kenny Leon's True Colors Theatre, but luckily, Currelley is just one of the highlights of director David H Bell's world premiere production.

Currelley, is at her peak here. Few can match her vocal range and presence and she makes Della Mae a conflicted woman. The character has a wonderfully comic, drunken moment where she reveals to one of her sisters exactly what she has done the previous evening.                     Jim Farmer, Arts, ATL 

Chandra Currelley takes a star turn in "Shakin the Rafters" (Photo by Josh Lamkin) 



Chandra Currelley Interview on SIMCOL FM with Christopher Martin pt.1

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     Kevin J from the UK Interviews Chandra Currelley                              Chandra_Currelley_Interview_KJ_1.mp3

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Chandra Currelley: A True Co-Visionary   Click on the link

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DVD Review : A Madea Christmas-The Play   Many of the Perry Troupe veterans grace the stage once more to bring the popular playwright’s latest creation to life. Chandra Currelly-Young is usually the sympathetic character in a Perry play but this time the vivacious chanteuse takes on a more condescending and arrogant tone. While I admire Ms. Currelly-Young most when she’s playing “the saint” I was impressed with her ice-cold portrayal of the Mansell family"s Matriarch.

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The 34 Annual Atlanta Jazz Festival-With Mike Phillips and Chandra Currelley

Jazz and R&B singer, songwriter and actress Chandra Currelley warmed up the crowd with her amazing vocal talents and scat skills.  Chandra became the lead singer in the music group, "The S.O.S. Band" in the late eighties.  In 1991 she co-wrote three songs on the LP "One of Many Nights." The hit single, "Sometimes I Wonder," was responsible for putting "The S.O.S. Band" back on  the map.  In 1992, Chandra left "The S.O.S. Band" to pursue her career in acting and theater. Since that time, she has blazed a fiery trail in the world of theater.  Visit to purchase music and read more on her amazing career

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Serenading Tyler Perry: My Interview with Chandra Currelley

Chandra Currelley
On Serenading Tyler Perry and her 3 WOW Moments
Chandra Currelley crooned her way into the hearts and souls of Tyler Perry fans when she starred as the fictional jazz club owner of her namesake in his hit debut film, Diary of a Mad Black Woman (2005.) Her performance was so well loved that fans scoured Atlanta locales and the internet in search of the romantic restaurant and the sultry songbird. What they found was short of staggering.

Chandra has worked with some of the most influential people in the entertainment industry today including: Kenny Leon, Debbie Allen and Roy Ayers. In 1986 she replaced Mary Davis as lead singer for the S.O.S. band, a Billboard chart-topping R& B Band. Later she returned to the stage to perform off Broadway in musicals like “The Amen Corner” and “Sophisticated Ladies.” So it was no surprise that Tyler Perry recognized her talent and cast Chandra in three of his plays: “I Know I Been Changed”, “Madea’s Class Reunion” and “What’s Done In the Dark.”

Chatting With Artist Chandra Currelley


Album Description            I'm the One (for Your Love Tonight) :Expanded Edit

Digitally remastered and expanded edition of this 1987 album from the Jazz/Funk pioneer. I'm The One (For Your Love Tonight) was his final set for Columbia Records. Unlike its predecessors for the label, Roy produced the album himself working with his then-bassist David Metcen who co-produced and contributed five songs to the nine-track set. Other Ayers' band members playing on the album included William Allen and Dennis Davis with long-time friend James Bedford contributing his songwriting talents on three songs. Standout tracks include a cover of The Isley Brothers' `I Once Had Your Love,' the soulful slow jam, `Let Me Love You' (featuring singer Chandra Currelley, formerly of The S.O.S. Band), the funky `Crack Attack' and the vibes-dominated instrumental, `Blue Summer.' This expanded edition includes an extended dance mix of the title track. Notes by renowned U.S. writer Lewis Dene (former contributor to the UK's Blues & Soul magazine) include quotes from a 2011 interview with Roy.


A transcendent "Crowns" at IRT

Chandra Currelley and Shannon Antalan in Crowns

The production is next to flawless. Currelley plays the venerable Mother Shaw with depth and majestic grace.

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From US Urspijaz CD The Real Me

Chandra Currelley is the former lead singer of S.O.S Band, and The Real Me is her second solo project. The title of the album obviously refers to the religious lyrical content of her new set, but the actual music is as modern and soul-inclined as on her debut album. Think about It is an excellent showcase of Chandra’s ability to improvise and scat in a genuinely inspiring way.


Director David Petrarca brings his off-Broadway hit Dinah Was to the Alliance Theatre's Mainstage 


Atlanta favorite Chandra Curelley (Blues in the Night, Soul Possessed) grabs the divine Miss D by the horns and holds on for dear life, all the while covering 20 of Dinah Washington's classic songs. Curelley's dynamite vocals do right by the lineup of Washington's standards to say the least, but her ability to make Dinah more than just another big, brassy, piss n'vinegar diva is what gives the show its inkling of humility. Underneath the barrage of profanity and the drunken haze there lived a true star, one so bright that perhaps even she herself couldn't withstand the seering glow.

The show is set against an encounter between Dinah and the Sahara Resort and Casino in Las Vegas. After stumbling into the lobby more than a little inebriated, Dinah learns that black performers must enter through the kitchen entrance and reside not in a suite but in a makeshift trailer out back. So she plops down upon her valise for the duration until granted a room, and from this seat she enjoys an afternoon constitutional (or four) and reminisces on her ascension to the position of Queen of the Blues. It would be only a few years later that, driven to sleep aids and diet pills by her increasingly hectic career, Dinah Washington would succumb to a drug overdose at the age of 39.

Whether or not the Queen herself would approve is anyone's guess, but Dinah Was still manages to pack if not a punch, then certainly a determined jab, thanks to its star Chandra Currelley.

The Alliance Theatre Company presents Dinah Was, written by Oliver Goldstick, directed by David Petrarca. Starring Chandra Currelley, Dan Bollinger, Matt de Caro, Jeffrey Hutchinson, Tim Rhoze, and Saycon Sengbloh. Band: William Knowles, George Grier, Jimmy "Junebug" Jackson, Lester Walker, and Kebbi Williams. Through September 23 on the Alliance Mainstage

The Baltimore Sun

Offering New Twist To Rhythm And Blues

Review: Arena Stage's "Blues In The Night" has fun showcasting the girls with the voices and the man with the moves

Chandra Currelley, the Woman of the World, portrays a famous singer just past her prime. Her voice is sophisticated and refined, and she shows a lovely way with a phrase in such songs as "Stompin' at the Savoy" and "Lush Life."

Examiner Theatre

Hot Mikado' explodes in a firestorm of vitality

 "Chandra Currelley in an Eartha Kitt-like vamp as the formidable Katisha, stopping the show with her resonant gospel pipes as she pursues the hapless Nanki-Poo".